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Privacy Policy

Here at Retnec, we pay the utmost respect to the private details and security information of our customers and audience. We protect the details of our clients with the highest level of online security, as is defined by our Privacy Policy.

We also comply with international online laws regarding the use of customer information. We will never replicate, sell, distribute or misuse the information provided to use by our clients.

Information of customers, clients and partners may be used as per our marketing campaign. Information such as email, phone numbers and other contact details will always be protected as it the code at Retnec, however it is possible that we may make use of this information and send you material you may find useful for your business. This is entirely optional, and the information you provide will never be sold or handed to a third party.

We value our clients, their security, their privacy and their safety. The information and details given to Retnec will be respected, and we will forever safeguard the data you have entrusted us with